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Outside her pottery studio,

Renata works as a freelance landscape designer.

Her primary goal is to mitigate the effects of climate change in Greater Los Angeles.

She focuses on drought-tolerant/xeriscape gardens that help conserve water and strives to plant mature trees that provide shade and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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"My passion for pottery and landscaping stems from my love for nature and its incredible gifts, such as clay.

Working with clay is full of surprises, irregularities, unpredictability. This precious material has taught me patience and humility each time I try to mold it into a piece of art or cultivate it into a garden. 

There are no guarantees in pottery and landscaping; each ceramic piece is different, and each garden takes on a life of its own."


Artist  Profile

Born in the Czech Republic, educated in the United Kingdom, Renata O'Neill built her own private studio in Southern California. 
She specializes in wheel-thrown pottery where each piece can be both a utilitarian vessel as well as an art object; it can bring a unique touch to your daily rituals of life, as well as to your aesthetics.

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